Sunday, June 28, 2009

Someone PLEASE let me know when this Bobber goes under!

We are back from our Mini-vacation and had alot of fun and are now greeted by two angry cats and a mound of dirt laundry!

We did a lot of fishing and I am showing you my dry bobber. Of course, I was out fished! Also I am showing you a Bald Eagle standing guard over their large nest - it is HUGE and also saw the two babies in there that are not ready to fly. We stayed with some friends of ours that were very gracious to extend an invitation to us. Many Thanks!


  1. Welcome home Jane. :) Great pics of the eagle and nest! When we went out of town a couple weeks ago, my cats dumped a plant from above my computer all over my desk and keyboard.... They had a wild party! Also, I'm so excited to tell you I found the Pearson's Nut Roll you mentioned a while back at the store today! I resisted buying it this time though.... dieting. :)

  2. Welcome back! Poor kitties did not appreciate being left behind on the vacation! Love the pics. The eagle pic is amazing. I would bet that was wonderful to see in person. The water looks beautiful too. Ready for some MMSC action now?

  3. LOL, No those little kitties let me some 'gifts' and not the good kind! The Eagle was amazing - they mate for life and come back each year to the same nest to raise the babies. The water was very restful. Yes, I will be posting the next midnight Madness Challenge card on Tuesday with the rest of the design team.

    Michelle: Kitties not as wild as yours that I can tell so far.


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