Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lady in RED - MMCS38

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I started this out as a card front B  U  T .. I changed my mind!! At Midnight Madness anything goes so I mounted it in an off-white picture frame and she really WOW'ed me then.  I then placed a chocolate brown ribbon on the outside of the frame all the way around and tied a bow on top of it.  Plus I added a flower on the top.

There is a side view of the picture frame and the chocolate ribbon I mentioned.  You know, I did by some Peanut M & M's today at the store and I forgot all about them until I typed in the word chocolate so you know where I am going to go next, don't you?

Ok, are you at all wondering about the hair piece and dress?  Umm.  Well that is the same type of flower I put on the the top the frame, Yes, it is!!  The flower was sold as a bouquet at Joann's and I pulled the blooms off (they were 4 pedal) and I divided them and cut them to shape the dress and hair piece and yes, it came with the gold glitter on the edges.  I would say it took NO time at all but,, OMG it did anyways, LOL.  Piecing that altogether and the glue!!  I decided to bring in in front of the TV and watch HGTV while I was doing it.  Thanks for visiting, I'm still thinking about my M & M's.  Blessings, Jane

Our Monthly sponsor is D'Amour, a new stamp company started by our own DT member Jeni right here at Midnight Madness.  This stamp I used is one of Jeni's stamps in her collection, thank you so much, it was so
much fun.  A 6 x 6 kit with stamps, embellishments and everything fun is provided by our weekly sponsor is katstamps. 

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lavender and Lace

Today I decided to create, rainy and freezing rain today yet again.  Last night after my SUV adventure, sliding every which way in my drive way to end up in my front yard snow bank, stuck.  Went into the house after climbing out, tell my husband the SUV is parked for the night (TeeHee) it certainly wasn't going anywhere, he decides to get it out of the snowbank ~ I think we should have left it there, make the neighbors wonder what kind of night we had!!  Anyways, this is one way to stay out of trouble, husbands should be grateful for that!
I think Lavender and lace fit this card.  I used some older cardstock,  some designer stitching, the flower is a Prima flower as is the brown leaves, then we have pearls, a stick pin, some light embossing, the lace I got from my Mom and the Lavendar centerpiece is actually a felt coaster - YEP!   It fits well on cards, I think it works.
I have entered it in the following challenges:

 1).  Card Patterns
 2). The Secret Saturday Challenge
3). Creatalicious

I hope you are all having a great day/night and enjoyed your visit.  Tomorrow the Minnesota Vikings are playing for a slot in the SUPER bowl, so I will be watching football and doing some cheering, either way, I am sure it will be the 'talk of the town' the next few days and even longer if they win tomorrow, Rah, Rah!! Go team GO!

Monday, January 18, 2010

I love this place, in the garden. MMSC37

Hello my blogging friends, hope you are all well.  Today I am excited to be showcasing this card, I am extremely happy as to how it turned out.  The image was provided from our sponsor (more on that below), the mountains behind the couple in the garden are 'purple and blue', from the Blueridge Mountains, I have never had the opportunity to see these in person, perhaps those that has can tell me how I did.

The card profile.

The inside greeting area.

Now on to the sponsor information for this weeks challenge.
Our Weekly sponsor is Sweetscrapdeal and are donating a paper Crafting kit.  Our Monthly sponsor is D'Amour a new stamp company started by our own DT member Jeni right here at Midnight Madness.  This stamp I used is one of Jeni's stamps in her collection, thank you so much, it was so much fun.

Have a wonderful week all, ~ Blessings, Jane

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sitting Pretty, MMSC36

Hello and Welcome, thank you for stopping in today ~ with this blog posting I am showing you my Midnight Madness #36, a beautiful kitty cat, what a surprise!!  I created it using many soft pastel colors, what a Diva she is.  I hope you enjoy it, I took a few photos of her to show you how I finished off the inside and envelope.

Now on to the sponsor information for this weeks challenge.
Our Weekly sponsor is bunnyzoescrafts and our monthly sponsor is D'Amour a new stamp company started by our own DT member Jeni right here at Midnight Madness.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Growing our own Kitty Cat grass!

Isn't everyone in the US tired of this crazy weather, from East to West and North to South, we are all getting wintered in. Florida with the freezing crop problem and birds used to tropical weather are getting heaters at the zoos and the closing of schools in the East and road closing in North Dakota this morning .. seems like no one is escaping it this year.
Closer to home in Minnesota, my poor kitties! They love to eat grass but there is no grass to be found so I picked this package up for them, we are now waiting for the grass to grow. My gray kitty, Charlie is a stinker!. Each morning when my daughter Megan leaves for the day she likes to sneak out (Do Cats think they are invisible? I think so!) so I have to go and bring the girl back in. She just stares at the snow, looks at me, stares again, gives ME a dirty look, Hey, I can't do anything about all that snow I tell her! Okay, I talk to my Kitties, ALOT. So, I am hoping that this will make her happy or at least happier then she is right now - hurry up and grow grass.

On another note, due to the walkways being slippery, my Mom fell and shattered her wrist several days ago. So.. she will be having surgery next week and they will be putting in one plate and one rod. Yesterday I did her grocery shopping and did the chopping and peeling and such and tomorrow I will be taking her to her pre-op surgery appointment. Since my Mother is elderly and does not drive, us 'kids', LOL will be helping her with her appointments and daily living tasks.

Hoping you are 'wearing' the weather the best way you can ~ Blessings, Jane

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter Wolf, MMCS35

Hello and Welcome and since today is Tuesday, I bring to you my Midnight Madness card, I have called it Winter Wolf.  I have used several different stamps on the card front, the first is the wolf with a moon and cloud, notice the wolf has a scarf around the neck, cold out in those woods!   The second stamp is a tree that I used from our sponsor this week out of the Halloween stamp set listed under the category of Seasons from Sunflower-dragonflies. You can use it all year round by mixing things up a bit.  Our Monthly Sponsor is D'Amour a new stamp company started by our own DT member Jeni right here at Midnight Madness.

The card front, two stamps used there.  I flipped the sketch, bet you picked up on that right away and I also glittered the wolfs scarf, the moon and added puffed paint to the cloud and 'crackle' to the tree for the tree bark.

The side view.

Peek into the inside writing area.  Ribbon and another 'buckle'.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A shy young lady ~~~~

Isn't she precious, I saw her and knew I needed to have some fun with this image.  I love playing with all the flowers, lace, satin and pearls.  I thought I would share her with you, I made this one over our New Years weekend.  I could not stay away from my craft table any longer, it was either that or cleaning.

The card front

The card and envelope.

Say has anyone made any New Years resolutions?  I made several (outside of my regular ones) and this time it is about other people.  I'll share my (what I think is my) most important one with you all next week or sooner if I get there.  Okay, that is not one of my New Years Resolution - time management, LOL.
Thank you all for stopping by, please leave a comment, hint *that's part of my resolution* ~ Blessings, Jane

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