Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a day! My new kitten card.

My lastest card, fresh off my craft table, I am surprised I was able to squeeze one in, all you busy card makers, yikes!, I can't keep up. I found this postcard at a vintage shop, are you getting tired of me saying that? Sorry. Anyways I did and I loved it so home it goes with me. I did it up into a cute pink and frilly card and I added the caption: What a day! If you have cats you know what I am talking about, sometimes they are SO PUT out by us people and my they were busy ALL day eating and sleeping so I thought that is so fitting, at least for my little kitties..

This card is on sale on ebay, you can view my ebay listings by clicking on the upper right hand ebay icon to take a peek inside and of the handmade envelope too. Your comments welcome and have a great week.

Butterfly and Vintage Lace Card, MMSC#12

I really like this card, the colors went together very well. The Sketch shows a tag and I thought I would hand sew with off-white embroidery floss around one side of the tag and then in the center to mimic the trail the butterfly had taken. The butterfly itself is a die cut by Spellbinders and was layered twice to show it in flight and 1/2 pearls as the butterfly's body and head. Machine sewing was used on the card front border and the lace is vintage, another one of my finds at the vintage shops I frequent. I am sure you noticed the flower, that was at Michaels, it appears that two different kinds of flower pedals were used but I just reversed which side was up. I also placed some dew drops on the lace and in the upper right corner. I hope you like my card, please let me know what you think.

I now have a new appreciation for Tuesdays, I like to pop out of bed and log on to my computer just to see what My Midnight Madness Design Team sisters have brewed up - make sure to stop by and check out their Sketch card #12. Have a great day and hope to see YOUR card as an entry in the MMSC.

This card is currently listed on ebay, check my ebay listings in the upper right hand corner for a peak inside, thank you.

Midnight Madness Welcomes Melissa Bove

I am so excited to announce our very first Guest Designer. Our August Guest Designer is Melissa Bove. Many of you may know her from Splitcoaststampers. She is currently one of the “Dirty Dozen” girls. We are so honored to have her joining us for the next month. She is extremely talented and her work will bring so much inspiration to the Midnight Madness Sketch Challenges each week. She lives in Whiting, NJ, down near the Jersey Shore, with her hubby, Robert and her 3 ½ yr old son, Antonio who keeps her on her toes. She loves doing all kinds of paper crafts and her main passions are making cards and altering anything she can get her hands on, especially boxes! She loves to incorporate some type of stamping in almost everything she does. She started stamping about 3 years ago and it has quickly become an obsession for her. I am sure we can all relate huh? Melissa will be helping us choose our September Guest Designing Diva, so keep those creative juices flowing and be sure to let us know you are interested in being our SEPT Guest Designer. Please stop by her blog and give her a big shout out!

Melissa, we are just thrilled to have you with us.

Diva Logo Medium

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My weekend away.

Yes, I had a weekend away so NO cards. Hey - did you not read I just made 40 quick cards for my friend Gale so I needed a little break. My siblings and neice went RV'ing over a 3 day weekend and I have to admit that it was FREEZING, really and thank goodness for heaters and camp fires. I am posting a few of our pictures, those are the only ones that people behaved somewhat. The company was good and the conversation easy *not too taxing* for us!
We all went into Wisconsin from Minnesota and stayed at a State Park with coin showers, 2 quarters should do you just fine unless you really take a long time. The park was an equestrian State Park so us being that we don't own any horses we were trying to figure out how one actually would get a horse into a tent. We were very creative!! But really we did see some beautiful horses but keep your eyes on the ground because they leave behind their calling card! We also went to the damn and did some hiking and saw some of the local attractions. Most of this is out in the country so with that in mind, we saw 3 chickens in the road and had to slow down so we would not make them into our dinner. We again being city folk didn't know why they were allowed out of their pen or chicken coop but the we all decided that they were 'free range' chickens. We figured all this out all by ourselves, we are on vacation remember?

That is my niece in the top photo eating a S'mores at our campfire.

Stay tuned here, Tuesday is Midnight Madness so we will be posting those cards to get you all fired up. I will be packing yet again to leave on Tuesday till Friday and more stories to tell when I get back, in the mean time, enjoy these photos and our Midnight Madness sketch cards!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I just can’t hold back any longer….guess what?? The Midnight Madness Weekly Bonus Winner for MMSC10 is going to Win

“Dustin Pike’s"
That is 118 images!!

That’s right, you heard me correct!!! Dustin has so GENEROUSLY offered to our weekly bonus winner his complete line of images he has created to date. WOW what a prize!!!!
If you were to break that down, it is a
"Prize Worth over $300!!!!! INCREDIBLE!!!"

If you are not familiar with Dustin Pike, this is what I have learned about him.…..he has been drawing/doodling for as long as he can remember. Even his homework in school had more doodles in the blank parts than it did answers...In school he tried to have more art classes than any other, he just didn’t get math, English was OK, but in art classes he knew what he was doing. He joined the US Air Force in 92 with the idea that he would do commercial art, advertising, something in a creative field and boy was he wrong. At Basic training he was informed he would be an AMMO troop, driving bombs and missiles around the flight line delivering them to the jets. He still doodled in the Air Force, designing tattoos for friends, drawing on the bombs before they were sent away. He just kept it going to keep up the practice. After that he worked for a printing company in Bountiful, Utah. He designed a whole line of clip art for the yearbooks that they published. After he left there, he found a few places to free-lance and do drawings here and there. 6 or 7 years ago he found a company that would scan and sell his designs for scrapbooks. He did that for a while and then learned how to do it all by himself and went out on my own. He drew a lot of moose, bears and bugs, but somewhere a dragon popped in, He doesn’t remember exactly when but he was born and he's been a part of his wonderful art ever since. With his rubber and digi stamps a very good friend of his Rikki sent him an email telling him he needed to look into rubber stamps, his style has clean crisp dark lines that would transfer over very well into the stamping world. He contacted a few companies, joined a few groups and had his first rubber set coming out May 2nd and the second set around the second week of May. In the meantime he found Digital Stamps. Drew a few, put them on Etsy just to test the waters and found himself dragged in...He has since started his own website mainly for digi stamps...and the rest is history.

Here is just a sample of what the MMSC10 Weekly Bonus Winner will WIN!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

"Rock Star", My Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge Card #9.

Can you believe that summer is in full swing? Whew, I've been ill with a summer cold for a week now and am finally getting my voice back, I think me not being able to speak has been very amusing for my husband, I will have to make up for all of that! I hope you are all well.

I made this "Rock Star' card with a friends son in mind. He recently went into a short-term care facility and thought he would like a card from 'home'. He plays the guitar very well so I think he will love it, one made especially for him.

Even though the DT team gets the sketches 2 - 3 weeks out, we do not get any previews from our DT sisters so I am as excited as you to see all the new cards the Midnight Madness Design team has created and today is no exception - I always try and drop in and comment on their works of art, I encourage you to do the same. Thank you, Jane

My Paper Creations