Saturday, April 25, 2009

I can't beleive I was able to get another card done but VERY happy, I need this one for next weekend to give for a 5oth Anniversary.

I posted three pictures, the bottom one on the supplies I used. I did use mostly them, there are always modifications on what is actually used. The felt bird in the frame is by Martha Steward, I don't know if you can see that or not in the photo. My best friends parents are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary next weekend and we are invited to join them in the celebration with a cruise on the St. Croix River out of the port of Stillwater, MN. I'll post a few of those after the celebration. I loved doing this card, I think that they will love the card also and getting it done a week before you need it - priceless!!! Thanks for visiting me, comments are always welcome.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I bet you wonder *when* or *if* I actually make cards, I do and this is the latest. I always have one 'in the works'

whether the card is made for my personal giving, made as a gift, a private card order or an ebay offering. This one I fell in love with as I was creating. Yes, it took a long time but so worth that. I bet you already notice many things like the style of the card, a swing gate. I visited the Split coasters site and got very excited to try something new and since I know how to use a ruler, LOL - it turned out perfect. Yet another feature is the vintage print on the front, this is from a real vintage card and not a CD, that was attached to a group of nests and of course, sewn inside and out with ribbon, vintage flowers and a Magnetic closure called "Nostalgiques" I ran across. So, how to you like the look of my Swing gate card, should I make another?

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Craft Room ..

Hi and Welcome, I wanted to share with you my craft room which is actually fairly clean when these photos were taken. My wall shelf is only half full, so I have room for even more embellishments, love it. That shelf was a 'sulking buy' as I call them, I just got it after I had six stitches put in my face, like I really needed scars on my face!! Nothing like buying new craft tools and embellishments as a 'pick me up'. I'll show you my sewing machines later and my embossing station too. Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Construction going on ...

The owners of the lot dehind us are installing a water and sewer connection.

How many men does it take to do the work? Ten, there are now ten men standing around looking down into the hole! No wonder shy thinkgs take so long to get done.

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