Thursday, January 7, 2010

Growing our own Kitty Cat grass!

Isn't everyone in the US tired of this crazy weather, from East to West and North to South, we are all getting wintered in. Florida with the freezing crop problem and birds used to tropical weather are getting heaters at the zoos and the closing of schools in the East and road closing in North Dakota this morning .. seems like no one is escaping it this year.
Closer to home in Minnesota, my poor kitties! They love to eat grass but there is no grass to be found so I picked this package up for them, we are now waiting for the grass to grow. My gray kitty, Charlie is a stinker!. Each morning when my daughter Megan leaves for the day she likes to sneak out (Do Cats think they are invisible? I think so!) so I have to go and bring the girl back in. She just stares at the snow, looks at me, stares again, gives ME a dirty look, Hey, I can't do anything about all that snow I tell her! Okay, I talk to my Kitties, ALOT. So, I am hoping that this will make her happy or at least happier then she is right now - hurry up and grow grass.

On another note, due to the walkways being slippery, my Mom fell and shattered her wrist several days ago. So.. she will be having surgery next week and they will be putting in one plate and one rod. Yesterday I did her grocery shopping and did the chopping and peeling and such and tomorrow I will be taking her to her pre-op surgery appointment. Since my Mother is elderly and does not drive, us 'kids', LOL will be helping her with her appointments and daily living tasks.

Hoping you are 'wearing' the weather the best way you can ~ Blessings, Jane


  1. This is really nice Jane. Maybe my kittys would like some of this too. I'm sure your mom is so thankful to have your help. I hope surgery goes well for her and she heals quickly. :)

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  3. We're not fairing much better here in the UK Jane, we've had so much snow the roads are really dangerous and most of the schools have been closed for 2 days; the kids are loving it unlike me!!!

    Hope your mum makes speedy recovery. Hugs Pam x

  4. Our cat Bully loves this grass..and it grows fast too.

  5. LOTS of snow my way too hun!! No school today or tomorrow and the games were cancelled tonight as well!! I guess that means more time to stamp, eh? Sorry to hear about your mom...praying for a speedy recovery!! HUGS

  6. So sorry to hear about your mom :( I wish her a speedy recovery. I would love to know if your kitty likes it. I love that you love your kitty :) I have two so I know how it is :)

  7. Awww, your sweet, lucky little kitties. I love the personalities of cats! It's all about them, and it is your duty to make and keep them happy. lol...

    I am so sorry to hear about your Mom!! I hope and pray that she will have a speedy recovery. It is so nice of you to help her out during this time.

    I love your MMSC card too. Sooo creative, and I think the ribbon and buckle are so cool. You did an awesome job of combining images on that.

    Have a very happy and healthy new year!!


  8. Hello. My cat doesn;t like grass, any grass, but it's interesting info


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