Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Update

I owe you an update on my Easter dinner, if nothing else, I mentioned I may try my hand at a Easter cake and YES, the sorry cake is in this blog post, LOL.  So, let's start out with the Easter Ham..

The was a Honey Baked Spiral Ham.  Dear Hubby told me he was going to go shopping for it and he did and then he cooked it to.  Guess he did not trust me for the ham selection.  Probably best, I am not a the best of cooks. 

The cake!!  I layered the cake for a larger quantity.  I don't recommend this, the bunny is now lopsided.  Also thinkin' the rabbit looks like a snowman with his mouth.  Plus I think he needed whiskers.   But, the cake was a lemon, I mean the favor was lemon and very good so happy about that and it was served with vanilla Ice Cream.  Viewing these photos makes me wish I was sitting down for dinner again.
Part of our Easter Egg hunt, this was was found fairly easily.  It is in my laundry room.

Also in my laundry room.  Next year.. hahaha.  I am making the hunt so much harder!  I already picked up some new Easter eggs.  The ones I got are the mini ones you would hang on an Easter Egg tree, they are about only an inch or so big and I am going to use those to hide.  I need to make it much more challenging!!

One of the place settings!! 
A look down one of  the tables, Notice my place settings are all different.  I have about 60 plates that do not match, I like the way it looks.

A view of some of the Guests.  That's all I have for you today.  I hope your Easter was enjoyable as well.  I will be back soon to post something else but until then, blessings~my friends.  Jane


  1. Yummy looking dinner ... send over a bit of that cake please!

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for torturing me ;) It ALL looks so wonderful. Kudos to your chef hubby, and bunny or snowman, I'll bet the cake was yummy. I have to get to one of these parties someday. ;)

    Thanks for sharing what looks like a perfect day for you and your guests.


  3. Yummy! Your ham and cake look delicious! Looks like everything went perfectly. :) I mentioned on my last visit I didn't really know what my plans were. Well... I ended up volunteering to do the shopping for all the food to take to my in-laws. It was a wonderful day too. Hugs, Michelle

  4. I think we had the same ham! Yummyness! Love the mismatched plates. We always have had the same, kids break them faster than we can buy new sets. eh well.. its life with kids :)

  5. Jane, I should have stopped by here earlier...all that food looks so delish! Your bunny cake is too cute and I'm sure went down very well! Kudos to you for decorating it so adorably! It looks like all your guests enjoyed their Easter celebration and I have to say your odd plates really look lovely with the napkins and tablecloth...just lovely.

  6. WOW! What a great Easter dinner, fantastic spread and nice looking family and guests!

    The Easter cards are sweet too, lots of pretty pastels!

  7. Wow...looks like you all had a wonderful time.


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