Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Seeing Double? Like in Twins double?

My twin nieces are both expecting boy babies very shortly and I decided to make them some cards up.  I did decide to offer them on ebay first to anyone wanting to greet an arrival of an infant boy and I can always make more cards if a person buys either one.  I was really worried HOW the brown and lavender one would look like but I think that is my favorite of the two of them.  Sometimes you just don't know till it is all put together!

Here I am on ebay if you want to see even more of the photos then what I am showcasing here.

There you have them, LOL.  Took me a few minutes of thinking time to figure out how I wanted to add all the ribbon on the top of the card but I think the effort was worth it.    Hope you are all well my blogging friends, Jane

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