Sunday, July 19, 2009

My weekend away.

Yes, I had a weekend away so NO cards. Hey - did you not read I just made 40 quick cards for my friend Gale so I needed a little break. My siblings and neice went RV'ing over a 3 day weekend and I have to admit that it was FREEZING, really and thank goodness for heaters and camp fires. I am posting a few of our pictures, those are the only ones that people behaved somewhat. The company was good and the conversation easy *not too taxing* for us!
We all went into Wisconsin from Minnesota and stayed at a State Park with coin showers, 2 quarters should do you just fine unless you really take a long time. The park was an equestrian State Park so us being that we don't own any horses we were trying to figure out how one actually would get a horse into a tent. We were very creative!! But really we did see some beautiful horses but keep your eyes on the ground because they leave behind their calling card! We also went to the damn and did some hiking and saw some of the local attractions. Most of this is out in the country so with that in mind, we saw 3 chickens in the road and had to slow down so we would not make them into our dinner. We again being city folk didn't know why they were allowed out of their pen or chicken coop but the we all decided that they were 'free range' chickens. We figured all this out all by ourselves, we are on vacation remember?

That is my niece in the top photo eating a S'mores at our campfire.

Stay tuned here, Tuesday is Midnight Madness so we will be posting those cards to get you all fired up. I will be packing yet again to leave on Tuesday till Friday and more stories to tell when I get back, in the mean time, enjoy these photos and our Midnight Madness sketch cards!!


  1. Boy, that place looks gorgeous!! What a great getaway. Were it not for the obvious warmer clothes, you would never know how cold it was there to look at the pictures. Can't wait to hear about the stories of our next trip next week. Have fun!

  2. Looks like a GREAT time even though you were COLD! It's been unseasonably cold here in MI this summer too. Too funny about free range chickens!! :)


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