Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our 4th of July day celebrations

Hello Everyone, I thought I would share these photos with you. First a water fountain, then Wheels the Clown with my daughter Megan (which I may add that she is none to happy at the moment) . Later the crowd gathers, they are waiting for the band to start, I took several of pictures of the band but it was too hard to see anything and it was getting dark and the of the fire works display. Hope you all had a joyous weekend.


  1. That looked like so much fun Jane! Fountains must have a cooling effect on there... It's been 100 here, so anything with water looks good. Lol. We had a bunch of fireworks on our street and the 15 youngsters here loved it. Thanks for coming by my page :) xox ~Jeni

  2. I remember my first 4st July selebration in America!
    Good time)


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