Thursday, October 8, 2009

Writing Heartfelt Notes

Most of you reading this make wonderful cards and creations, surely you felt that you wanted to give a handcrafted, lovely card to let the person know you where thinking of them, investing a part of yourself and your very valued time into something they would enjoy.  Most times we hope that we can give them in happy times but you know that that is not always the case.  Please, I ask you to send cards and letters in unhappy or sorrowful situations, that is when our loved ones need the most support from us.  At times like these I know words can escape us, this has happened to me and I know you too, don't let that stop you, a few words of kindness no matter how clumsy you think they read are so much better than no words at all. 

In this world of high-tech, we send e-mails, we blog (YUP), tweeter, face book BUT in my heart that will never replace a wonderfully written correspondence from a loved one - how exciting it is to open a card and letter... I know the excitement of it and now... I think I should drop a few in the mail myself just because...and when I do and they tell me how much they enjoyed it, it makes my day too.

I know as I mention I struggle with this so when I ran across this book, I had to take it home with me.  I found it as second hand shoppe as I keep it in  *my craft room *.  Trust me I can take days thinking about what I want to say, how to say it and this helps me find the words and sets my frame of mind.   I hope you can find such a book.   Let me leave you with a quote from this book:

People need joy quite as much as clothing, some of them need it far more.  ~~~ Margaret Collier Graham.


  1. How much that quote make sence in this material world!
    I am going to see if i can track this down myself, as you say, it is so hard to say what you want to at times. Thjanky ou for sharing this .. going to see if i can find this book.

    Oh and my craftroom. Well i have a 3 bed home and now two of my daughters have moved out, so with a little bit on bedroom moving, i have a spare room, which needs plastering, then i can move out of the dinning room.

  2. So true Jane. My hubby and I were just talking about this the other night. In today's society, sometimes we get too caught up in the technological advances in communication, and by doing so, we've lost that 'human' touch. The joy of opening that mail-box (outside) and finding a card or letter there. The joy of receiving a phone call and actually hearing the voice of a loved one or far away friend on the other line.

    Great post, and that sure looks like a lovely book!

  3. Wonderful post Jane...very true and very touching...


  4. A useful book indeed for when our own emotions may keep us from finding those comforting words that we so yearn to find to show our love and support of those that we care so deeply about when they need it most. It seems so easy to find words to express our joy to others, but so difficult to express our sorrow. The right words can mean so much.

    Thanks for sharing this lucky find with us.



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