Sunday, March 14, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies are here

Yet another reason to love this time of year!!
To think I ALMOST missed on my yearly Girl Scout Cookies, I sent a word out and lookie, I got some.  Actually hubby brought them home after I told him that I think I missed the selling season, so here he brings them home, isn't that nice?  Well actually how these cookies work and a lot of other food items at my house works is, I open the box, take out what I am going to eat at that time.  Then I come back to an ALMOST empty box.  You see where I am going with this, so when I DO mention that they were all eaten by 'others' then I am told, you opened the box and finished the box so surely you got more that any one else?  Who knows what really happens to the other cookies, Huh??   The logic totally escapes me.

Anyways, I hope you got yours (and your share).  My favorite is the Thin Mints, what is your favorite??  Blessings,  Jane


  1. I love the shortbread ones, and the thin mints and the caramel chocolatey ones and the ..... LOL!

  2. Jane you made me laugh!!! I on the other hand open the box and eat the whole thing, so I know exactly what happens to every cookie. I've already had four boxes this past

  3. I always used to love the Samoas (aren't those the coconut ones?). Then a couple years ago when my boyfriend got some thin mints I tried them again, and they have become my favorite.
    Of course I have been on a minty chocolate kick for a few years now anyway, ever tried the mint oreos, yeah those hit the spot when the thin mints are gone.

  4. WW,

    Yes, have tried the mint oreos, LOL my first choice after the thin mints are gone! Jane

  5. Oh Jane, the stories I could tell about how the treats disappear in my's called a 6'4" Dutch boy!!! My DH loves candies and cookies so much that I have to literally find new hiding places so that my sweet 6 year old and I can actually get something before they are all gone. I've decided that it's easier to buy a little treat when I am out of the house with my son!!! LOL
    Thanks for sharing this with us...oh and when I actually do get a cookie my favs are the thin mints...there's just something about chocolate and mint!! Hmmmm mmmm mmm

  6. Funny Charlotte - the things we will do !!


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