Monday, March 29, 2010

MMSC47, A Sachet Gift Box

Today I will show you something different, we have been featuring Priscillastyles thick style envelopes this month at Midnight Madness, our monthly sponsor, but you can use these envelopes for something other than a card.  I used a Sachet of Vanilla and Lavender but anything that is around that size would work also.  Boy, my craft room has been smelling heavenly this week!! Priscilla is also our weekly sponsor as well, for that gift she will be giving away a 6 x 6 envelope kit so you will have an envelope template for your thicker cards.
 I did some lacing around the envelope, weaving it in and out to give it a very feminine feel to the gift, after all it is a Sachet, you can give it a go with whatever fits your project or theme.

It is best to do all your work on your envelope before you adhere the flaps to one another.  I happen to be lacing this envelope as I was watching HGTV and I have got to say I had my Kitties very interested in it!!

I want to share this with you all today ,this is my last Midnight Madness Sketch card as a Design Team member. Due to personal reasons I decided to step down.   I will miss my Design team sisters beyond measure but I hope to continue to see them in blogland.  I want to assure you I will be keep making cards and will be blogging them and other topics as I can.   Thank you all so much, Blessings to you and yours, Jane


  1. HI jane - well firstly I will comment on your project, which I love - I can imagine the smell - DIVINE! Love all of the flowers and that gorgeosu emvelope! I always love to come and visit you Jane - your work is always delightful and visiting is a pleasure!
    Although I am sad to see you step down from the MMSC DT, I will not be a stranger, you do not get away from me that easily Jane! LOL! I will miss you, we have had some fun haven't we - don't be a stranger - we are family now my friend and you are stuck with me! I {{{heart}}} you Jane and have learnt so much from you - God bless you and your family! {{{hugs}}} and more {{{hugs}}} I will see you when I am looking at you!! LOL!

  2. Oh how springy and beautiful your creation is Jane!! Love the colors, flowers, pearls and all the dimension!! I can just smell the lavender...actually I probably wouldn't since this flu has my head so congested but anywho...
    Gorgeous take on this week's sketch my friend!!

    You will be missed at MMSC girl!! I have utmost respect for you and am not saying goodbye because I will be by...I treasure your friendship and all the experiences we have had together as a team!! You hold a special place in my heart!!


  3. Jane this is so wonderfully clever. Your colors and embellishments are just exquisite. What an inspiration. It is with great sadness that today I write this to bid you a farewell from the Midnight Madness Design Team. You will truly be missed by all of us. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

    Bear Hugs,
    Carol :o}

  4. The sachet is lovely Jane, as are all your beautiful creations. I just love the lacing you did around it.

  5. Jane, it has been so much fun having you on the team at Midnight Madness. I'm sad to see you go, but understand life will always have changes in store for us. :) I will still be visiting you all the time... you cannot get rid of me so easily. :) Enjoy your new adventures, but don't be a stranger OK... Hugs, Michelle

  6. Jane what a wonderfully creative project! I will have to try this! I just love your pretty spring colors and embellishments! I have really enjoyed getting to know you over the past year in Midnight Madness' blogland :) You have such a fun personality! We have all come such a long way over the past year from the KDT days to now is like day and night! Your artwork is off the chart gorgeous! Thank you for being you! I will miss your daily banter with Linda especially! :)

  7. Darn it! I forgot to mention how AWESOME your card and envelope are this week! I love the lacing you did and you are right, Priscilla's thick style envelopes are perfect for gifts as well. :)

  8. Hi Jane...Ok..I made it over here :( I was procrastinating....I can't believe this is your last MMSC post as a MMDT. First, your project today is so beautiful. I loved how you always added your special touch to the sketches and I always found myself wondering what you will create next. Your are a rare and true talent my friend. You know we go way back and have been through a lot in this funny computer world. You have always been a true friend and have never been anything but yourself with me. Thank you thank you thank you for your honesty, integrity and friendship. Ok..I should end before I start tearing up.

  9. This really is a creative project. Just lovely. I am trying to sniff to smell that wonderful sachet. Sounds heavenly.
    I can't believe that this is your last MM card!! I want to say that I am going to miss you, but naaa, you won't get far from me. We will be in touch, and I will be visiting your blog often to see what you are up to. I hope you enjoy your time with your family and the summer weather your REAL garden and taking in all that life has to offer. Thanks for bringing so many smiles to the MM team. That will certainly be missed!


  10. Jane, what a fun sachet holder and card! You know we're gonna miss you so! I am glad that we have a chance to journey in card making and laugh together .. in emails :) You are a talented lady, I hope you will get some relaxing time, more free time to enjoy the outdoors. And many good wishes to you and your family, hugs and kisses ~Jeni

  11. Jane, the promise of spring, but a sad spring with you and Sue leaving us here at MMSC. Your sachet is very lovely. I am a big fragrance nut, everything must smell wonderful!! Great colors and embellishments!!

    Phyllis MMDesign Team

  12. Jane,

    I am always so inspired when I visit your blog! As always this is beautiful!

    Blessings this Holy Week,


  13. Jane, this is just a gorgeous project. Love all the beautiful flowers and the soft colors. I love the sachets, have them all over the house, what a great idea for a small gift!!! Very creative. Your team is having a hard time saying goodbye this week and I can read in your post that you will miss them too. Jane, thanks so much for welcoming me into the team for the month, it was a great experience and I couldn't have enjoyed it more.

    Sue Drees

  14. Good luck to you with whatever you are up to and thank you for all the inspiration you have given to us MMSC players.

    You sure go off with a big bang with this bright, colorful card! The yellow and purple looks just so fab toghether!

    Take care!


  15. oooh Jane, Vanilla Lavendar I can smell it right now...I love those sachets and have some around my house! What a fantastic idea to place them inside a always have the best ideas and are so creative. The lacing on your envelope is divine, that lemon ribbon is just gorgeous and the flowers on your card just perfect.
    I have to say that getting to know you through Midnight Madness has been such an awesome experience and I have so enjoyed your sense of humor, your undying honesty and loyalty are truely a breath of fresh air and I will still be checking up on what you are up to!!! wink, wink!! I hope that the time you spend with family and in your garden with special projects will bring you much enjoyment and help you relax and enjoy each day! You are a true blessing to all of us.
    Big hugs,

  16. What an excellent idea, Jane! I was trying to figure out another use for the kit! You are so clever! Love it! It's been a pleasure playin' along side you this last year at MM. You are a funny girl!


  17. How BEAUTIFUL Sue. Every detail is perfect and glorious. I want to thank you for all the beautiful creations you allowed all of us who play the MM challenge to experience with you. We will truly miss you. Best to you in the future and hopefully we'll still see you around!


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