Thursday, August 5, 2010

My little helpers

Happy Wednesday, looks like a nice day today in Minnesota. I took these photos of my two "lovely" kitties a while back, I'm feeling a little lazy on with posting to my blog and card making the last few days but getting some other things done, it's all a trade off, ya know? So.. I thought I would show you something from me and in just so happens to be cats in the dog days of summer they want a little love too.

Nothing like bringing the outside in.  I clipped a few of these branches to place in a vase in the house, I knew I would be seeing my little helpers on this project.  Yep, sure enough, here they come, they are very predictable!!  This is Charlie, she is the gray one and next comes the black one Joey.  I think Charlie enjoyed the flowers more, sigh! 
 Hope you all have a nice day and don't forget to smell the flowers.  Hugs, Jane


  1. Gorgeous flowers AND gorgeous kittys. :)

  2. Beautiful blooms, thanks for sharing pics of your adorable cats:)


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