Saturday, August 7, 2010

New tools and toys.

I have been thinking of getting a Circut ... Oh, on and off for about a year (takes me a while, doesn't it?).  I just was not sure if I would use it enough to buy it and take up space in my craft room and have yet 'MORE STUFF'. I think you know what I finally decided. Regardless of how much I will use it, I decided to just purchase it and welcome it into my craft space. To do that, I needed someplace to put it so I found this cabinet at the Goodwill, I believe it was at one time a Microwave cart.
In the drawer I put my Wizzard die cuts and embossing folders. Inside the cabinet you see that I have more room to buy yet "More Stuff", huh.   At the same time I purchased my Circut I picked up four cartridges.
 Of course, this "new to me" cabinet and other purchases made it clear to me that I needed to clean my craft room.  What started as a fairly quick project now was not.  The day started out rainy which is a great day for the craft room and it now sunny out so I am off to enjoy the outside.  Hope your day is nice and sunny too, Jane


  1. Hi Jane... I think that the key is making yourself use it regularly. I have an expression and I greatly under use it. Great buy at the Goodwill! Doesn't one project often lead to another! Miss you at MM :)

  2. Great idea to use the old cart!!
    My husband wants a Cricut so soon I guess we will get one. He builds RC airplanes and wants one to cut out vinyl graphics.
    Can't wait!!!

  3. Great find Jane. Don't have the cricut either, don't think I'd get that much use...BUT if Michael's has that "Christas" sale again this year...........

    Like the cabinet too!

    Great CATS!

  4. Jane congrats on the new Cricut. I have one and it's pretty cool. I don't use it enough because it doesn't have a permanent space (yet). I love your idea of the microwave cart. I'm looking around my space now to see if there is a likely space to keep mine out. It would definitely get more use if it was out and ready to go. It lives in a little plastic storage box right now so I forget about it most of the time.


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