Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Make your own Birthday card!!! A funny thing happened this weekend...

Hi all,

I just had a birthday, and yes I know I wasn't having any more of those but it just so happens that you either have one or you get dead so, I had one. You would not believe what my very good friend Geri left me in my mailbox on Saturday, a card challenge kit to make my own Birthday card, isn't she SO funny!!

I was very touched Geri went through all this trouble to put together a card kit for me, notice the letter that she wrote for me and asking me to accept the challenge, like the Midnight Madness challenge. She happens to be a card maker herself although she is not online with a blog but is a follower of mine and supplied me the 'tools' if you will to make the card. Using all the supplies given and none of my own, here is what I came up with. I am also supposed to sign it for her! Truly this is the best gift ever, this is so me and so thoughtful, I KNEW there was a reason that I keep her around, LOL or more like she puts up with me.

I hope this card is what you were thinking for me. Thank you so much! ~~~ Jane

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