Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Local Splash Pool

I also went to my local, 15 minutes away, splash pool today. I have been meaning to get there this summer and had so much fun with my friend Sue. I plan to go again before it closes, my only wish is that I didn't wait so long to go. A little overcast but better than too hot and the water was nice.

I also finished a Midnight Madness card today which I can't show you yet. Tomorrow I will be leaving for a weekend away so I will see you all for sure for the Next Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!


  1. Splash pool? Looks more like an amusement park compared to anything we have in our town! What a great place. My kids would be having me there every day all summer if we had something like that here. Hope you enjoyed it!

  2. Boy am I jealous!!! It is so hot here, boy does it ever look inviting!! Have a great weekend Jane!


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