Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Christmas Tradition - Chex Party Mix

I'm sharing with you one of our family's traditions, Chex party Mix.  My husband makes this every year, about 4 batches of it.  I place it in Christmas tins and we give it away to family and friends.  My husband's family did this while he was growing up and now we have inherited the tradition and how everyone now looks forward to their Christmas tin of Chex Party Mix.

The first batch is ready to go into the oven.  It is placed in a large roaster for it's baking time.

 All that butter, ready to be melted along with the seasoning for the mix, no calories here!

 This makes alot, this covers our center kitchen island.  Once it has cooled, we put it into large containers and freeze it in our lower level freezer until it it tinned and gifted.
I guess this is a two-part post because today it is the tinning day, I am started to give these out so I have to have some ready to go.  I have it all in tins now and in the freezer.  I like to add a few surprises in my Chex Party Mix, although I don't think they are a surprise anymore as I do this every year, the surprise would be NOT to add them into the tin.  I add Lindt Truffles.  The red bag has the Milk Chocolate, the darker blue bag is Dark Chocolate and then I decided to try a new favor this year that they just put out called Starcciatella which has a white chocolate shell with cocoa pieces and a smooth filling.   So how many of these chocolates did I eat?   Only one (surprised?) I tried the new one, the Stracciatella white chocolate and it was good.  Ok, I knew I would like it  - but my favorite still is the red one, Milk Chocolate.

So there you go, one of our family traditions.  What are some of your family traditions?  


  1. Wow I just want to dive right into that huge batch of Chex mix! Thanks for sharing a little glimpse of one of your family traditions. In my family my mom makes our Latin version of eggnog named "Cocito" which takes her a long time to create. She then gives them to us in vintage decanters and once we've finished them off (which doesn't take very long, LOL) we return the decanters for next year's batch.

    Have a Merry Christmas!


  2. WOW...wish I was there to share in the mix! Love "salty" foods.

    Here in New Mexico we make "Biscachito" cookies! See Michelle @ Daydreams for the recipe!

  3. Thank You Jane!
    My best wishes to you too!
    Happy Holidays!!!
    Take care!
    Brazilian hugs to you!!!!

  4. Holy Kitchen Full of Chex Mix! WOW! Glad there's no calories! :)



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