Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Home Tour, another tradition.

I love this kind of tradition, no work and all play on my part!!!  Let me explain this home tour.  In this town, Hudson Wisconsin, (I live in Minnesota, so just over the border) you can sign up to go on the home tour.  Normally there are about 6 homes on the tour and the Main Street merchants with very quaint, upscale shops help sponsor it and allowing the home owners to display their merchandise in their homes and the shop owners even come in and decorate these homes for them so they are really '"in their Christmas finest".  So you can either drive to all the homes or take the tour bus, we drive most of the time to the homes ourselves using the maps they supply.   The idea is to promote the town  and the Merchants and for some Holiday FUN!!  There are door prizes in the homes so our routine is to tour the homes and then do some shopping and top it off, have a very nice dinner and a few cocktails.  I was elected the driver to all the homes and the driver home so NO cocktails for me which really is why I think I ended up the driver!  It makes for a long day and FUN day too, sometimes we have stayed the night in a hotel but not this last time.  We really have alot of fun and many laughs and we are so motivated to go home and start our own holiday decorating.

The starting point is a hotel, where there is a craft show going on and some 'live music".

One of the homes on the tour, no lines here!!  We like that!

This one is a Condo off of Main Street.  There was a line here, fairly long too and this was cool because it had a spiral staircase inside AND a tube elevator.

This is the same line but I wanted to show you the mural on these building in back.

This is a picture of one of the homes bathrooms, I really don't take pictures of bathrooms BUT this is really a nice one, LOL.

This is one of the tables set in the home and most were set, the homeowners really decked out their homes, it was such a pleasure to be allowed in to the homes.   Wouldn't you love to sit down to this?
There is a range of style of home styles they have each year, some are new and some are old.  Hudson has a very historial side of town and two and chosen from the historial side of town and then the rest are more modern or newer construction.
What do you think, should I order you up a ticket for next year?


  1. WOW!! Skip the ticket. I want to live in one of these houses, and have someone come in and decorate for me and sit down to eat at that beautiful table setting. Very cool!!! Thanks for sharing that with us!!

  2. Very cool tour ..thanks for sharing..I love the name..LOL "Hudson" is my son's name :)

  3. and I like this tour) thank you.


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