Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Christmas cards - no, not really that!

I know that this may come as a SHOCK stating this from a card maker so I want you to sit down.  BUT I do not make everyone on my Christmas list a handmade card, a few YES but really it is all too much for me to even think about.  So I do a letter and a photo card each year, I mean that still is some work, right?  This year about 8 hours worth getting the photos, putting them on a flash drive, uploading them elsewhere, printing them, writing the letter, printing that, printing of mailing labels et.  Gosh!!  Phew.   As some of you write your own holiday correspondence, you can appeciate all of that.  I try to hit on some events and occurrences that happened in the passing year, and for those of you that follow me, at least regularly, you already know some of that already but some on my Christmas card list do not know I have a blog, YET!  They do now!

I tried to explain my blog(s), a place to showcase my hand made cards, surely and they do all know I make cards but it's more than that, so what is it?  A journal perhaps, a diary?  No, nothing that personal, some thoughts - Yes, more along that line.  I decided that it is my "Musings", an odd word at best.  Which really means 'a state of disorder',  random ideas and thoughts, that works for me.   I have made that decision to include those "musings', while I subscribe to mostly card makers blogs, my there are SO many other blogs out there, it is truly amazing all the topics and interests so this blog is a little bit paper and at little bit me!


  1. Jane I fully understand, not everyone on my list will get a homemade card there just isn't enought time in the day to do them. I always try to make sure that my loved ones get something special, along with long time friends; and I am always greatfull that my DH has the hindsight every year to bring home a few boxes of cards that he picks up in the january sale even though I tell him not too!! Like you we also do a quick note for those we have't seen for a while just to update them on what we have been up to. Hugs Pam

  2. Love your photo card!
    Don't know why us card-makers feel GUILTY at not making cards for everyone on the list ... there's just not enough hours in the day!

  3. A great way to keep family and friends up-to-date this year Jane. It's amazing how my friends and family don't even know or care about my blogging...LOL A bunch of us do, but I still can't get them to my blog!!! Oh well, at least I get to share with all the rest of my other blogging family like yourself!!! LOL Have a great day!!!


  4. That's really nice Jane...I used to do a family Christmas letter, especially since I have so many extended family members in other states and we don't get to see each other but every few years. I haven't done it in years, but I LOVE this....those pictures are perfect with it!

  5. Hi Jane, love your musings ..what a great idea..I KNOW everything takes time...I too will be sending out "store" bought cards this year. Well, they were bought online, but I love them!! There are just not enough hours in the day to make up 100 hand made christmas cards to mail to my card list. I feel a little bad about sending that kind of card, but is the thought that counts right? It all takes an effort to do. Thanks for sharing all your eye candy with is your store going? Any sales yet? Good luck my dear and your posts/blog all look wonderful.


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