Monday, June 14, 2010

Silver Sunday

Just when I found out about White Wednesday, Silver Sunday catches my eye.  This is an old wash tub that I have on my front porch with flowers in it.  I have placed this on my porch in winter also with Spruce tips and Christmas lights.  This post is for Silver Sunday.  Hoping they will let me play LOL, maybe this is more gray than silver.  

This wash tub has the word 'Johnson' on the front , maybe you can see the words if you enlarge the photo.

I love this bunny and my sign, "Dream".  There is also a Hosta in back there. Thank you for stopping by, Jane


  1. You have the coolest things to share Jane. :) I spy pretty geraniums too. And is that also lantana or verbena that is yet to bloom?

  2. What a beautiful arrangement Jane!! So spring and summery!! Love your added bunny!!
    Hope all is well!!

  3. It all counts, tarnished, shiny, aluminum...we're easy...the more the merrier.
    Thanks for joining the party....see you next month.
    gypsy hugs,

  4. love the wash tub!!! and to have the stand too...fabulous!!!
    i just have the stands and is there a trick for planting in them?? do you use only soil or pebbles at the bottom??? and will the bottoms rust out???


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