Monday, April 13, 2009

My Craft Room ..

Hi and Welcome, I wanted to share with you my craft room which is actually fairly clean when these photos were taken. My wall shelf is only half full, so I have room for even more embellishments, love it. That shelf was a 'sulking buy' as I call them, I just got it after I had six stitches put in my face, like I really needed scars on my face!! Nothing like buying new craft tools and embellishments as a 'pick me up'. I'll show you my sewing machines later and my embossing station too. Thanks for stopping by and visiting.


  1. Nice craft space. Can't wait to see more. Please add a pic of little Joey.

  2. Hi Jane, I love your space too. I wish I didn't always have to use my kitchen counter so much. Oh well, any flat surface will do right? :) Michelle


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