Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A few posts ago I mentioned that I would post a picture of my sewing area and I forgot all about this one .. See inside for the comment and story,

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  1. This sewing machine is OLD. How I aquirred it? I was taking a walk in my old neighborhood years ago and I was several blocks away and there was a older woman out in her yard and she had her garage stall door open and MAN was that garage PACKED with 'treasures'! I said hello (being me and not very shy) we talked and got around to her garage, she mentioned that she buys estates and resells the items and she invited me to take a look and I ended up buying this machine from her and I came back later with hubby, which he was not excited (never very excited about my 'treasures') and I still have it, it is in one of my entry ways. Still have the same husband too. Whew, thanks for hanging in there... Have a GREAT day my friend!


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