Thursday, April 23, 2009

I bet you wonder *when* or *if* I actually make cards, I do and this is the latest. I always have one 'in the works'

whether the card is made for my personal giving, made as a gift, a private card order or an ebay offering. This one I fell in love with as I was creating. Yes, it took a long time but so worth that. I bet you already notice many things like the style of the card, a swing gate. I visited the Split coasters site and got very excited to try something new and since I know how to use a ruler, LOL - it turned out perfect. Yet another feature is the vintage print on the front, this is from a real vintage card and not a CD, that was attached to a group of nests and of course, sewn inside and out with ribbon, vintage flowers and a Magnetic closure called "Nostalgiques" I ran across. So, how to you like the look of my Swing gate card, should I make another?


  1. This is just gorgeous Jane! YES!!! You should make another...and another...and another!!

  2. Love you blog face lift!! :) Your card ROCK too.You know I love the vintage feel. Thanks for stopping my my first video tutorial :) yikes..I was nervous :)


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