Monday, April 27, 2009

Graduation Shaker card

This is for my niece for her high school graduation celebration coming this summer, I started early. Her school colors are red and black so I used them to create her card. Check comments for yet another story!


  1. I know my sister thought that this day would never come, she has three daughters!!! This one has been a trial for the last 5 years. I am thinking these thoughts as I am making the card right, of what I know she has done to cause stress - LOTS - so dark thoughts and what do you know happens while I am sewing the card front - YEP, the needle falls out!!! Serves me right thinking all those things!!! LOL
    Since I beheaded her open house invitation photo I will now have to ask for another one. Thanks for reading and stopping by.

  2. Nice shaker Jane. I'm getting ready to try one of these in the next couple of weeks. I'm sure your niece will love this card too! :)

  3. Beautiful shaker card, Jane!

    I thought I had added your blog to my Follow list before, but saw I hadn't. I'm following now :). I just wanted you to know I've enjoyed your presence on the KDT blog and hope to remain "blog friends" :).

  4. Thanks all for stopping in, I love each of your visits and 'talking' with you and look forward to viewing your crafting creations.

  5. This is a great shaker card. She will love it, I'm sure! You keep coming up with new things. I can't wait to come check out what you are up to next.


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