Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pearson's Candy Is Celebrating their 100th Anniversary this month.

and to help celebrate and wish them well in their continued success, I bought this candy bar and my Husband and I split it (I know, I know, it was the very least I could do). OK, everyone else posts cards they made today, I made NO cards today but ate a candy bar, LOL. Pearson candy is located in my fair city, Saint Paul Minnesota so I HAD to show my support. This was in an article in the newspaper today, the 'St. Paul Pioneer Press' that these Candy Bars along with the Salted Nut Roll also made by Pearson's are regional - say that isn't SO!! By regional they stated that Pearson is mostly known in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and the Dakotas. Have you seen these in your state? Please, I would love to know - I hope so and they are good. What did I do today since I did not made a card? I spend the day with my Mother taking her on her errands and to the grocery store and then to enjoy our day, off to Harriet Island in St. Paul to walk the boardwalk along the riverbanks. We also had a little picnic as we bought items from the deli to enjoy outside. Next time we go, I promise to bring the camera because the views are awesome. Thanks for reading all of this and don't forget to answer the candy bar question.


  1. No... they don't have this candy in my city. Darn it! :( It sounds like you had a super day with your mom!

  2. Yummy...No we do not have these in our town, but they kind of look familiar..I use to see all kinds of cool candy and cola drinks when I was touring with the Ice Capades. Those were some good time . See you at tomorrows Midnight Madness post :


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