Monday, May 31, 2010

Went to a Car Show this weekend

Last year my husband bought a 2009 Ford Bullit car as his 'hobby' car.  My husband entered her in this car show on Memorial Day, here she is number 299.

This was my first car show, I am sure I will go again but this is really my husband's passion.  I learned and forgotten already more about makes, models and factory specs, please DON'T ask.

This car  has what they call 'suicide' doors as the open differently then they do today.

Notice the door handles?  Some owners remove them and buff them out, some feel that they show better.  This one was a very nice looking car.  The doors then use a remote to open them.
 Some of the owners put little props by their cars, this is not a real dog but a statue.

Thanks for stopping by, it was a beautiful day out and met some of my Husband's car cronies. I hear my own 'hobbies' calling me so I will be back soon.  -  Warmly, Jane


  1. Something about cars.... it runs in the blood for these guys. My fil, my hubby and my oldest son... get them talking cars and you cannot get them to be quiet. :) But... it keeps them out of trouble for the most part. I'm glad you had fun Jane. Hugs, Michelle

  2. We have some nice car shows here in ABQ too! Nice photos!

    Congratulations on winning over @ Denise's blog, the "Blog candy"...woo-hoo to you!

    ...all be posting a "car" anniversary card shortly, .... came out VERY cute! ... come on by my blog!

  3. Jane, I've been to many many car shows and any chance hubby gets...he's there too. He actually entered a couple before with his 64 Nova. He used to race it too, but hasn't since our son was born. He still loves to drive it and see all the attention it gets!!! It's a guy thing!
    TFS all these fabby photos

  4. I am not so much into cars either, but this looks like a fun time. I do love to see the old time cars. I love all the pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us. I have to admit, I would not mind going to a show like this a time or two.

  5. It's as if most of these cars havea thing or two which makes them unique. I wonder how suicidal those "suicide doors" are. How do they open, anyway? Did your husband do some unique tweaks on his car?

  6. As far as the suicide doors go, the back doors open with the handle on the front of the panel instead of on the back so imagine the door opens (the opposite way) and no seat belt back then - Oops, you fall out. Guess they changed that style of car door.

    Oh yes, he loves to tweak his car, drives ME insane!!!


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