Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our first Christmas Decoration hung.

WOW, this is my first Holiday decoration that I got hung up.  Yesterday was Saturday and I was out all day and evening on my first Holiday event, I will, I hope blog that some time this week.  SO today was a stay at home and pretend I am actually doing something productive day.  My daughter was home all day so I need to spend most of that time with her, I have mentioned that she is severely handicapped so needs alot of assistance from me and hubby.  But I did sneak out and tag teamed with hubby to get these down from the garage and hung up on the outside lights.  I have more decorations to go *also this week* but I think these are so pretty, I am sure some of you have started also with your outside decorating.  I also was able to get to my favorite craft store Archiver's to pick up a few things and Megan went with me.  She always lets me know I am taking to long when she repeatedly runs over my foot with her wheelchair.  She is non-verbal so that is the clues you get, LOL.  I guess picking out paper is not very exciting to her.  We left shortly after that before some other unruly behavior starts.

This week will be a short week with the Holiday. Our family will be going to one of my sister's house.  I have 2 half sisters and 3 full sisters, this sister's name is Shirley, you know ~ like surely.  I guess I should say which of them I am referring to in future posts as I have been asked too, my family also visits me here. 

I have an update on Annie, that cutie little Kitty my sister Donna now has.  Poor little Annie fell in the toilet !!  That is true.  Donna was cleaning up the kitchen and they have a bathroom off of the kitchen and heard a bunch of commotion in the bathroom so she went in there and Annie was just dragging herself out from the toilet and getting water all over the place.  Thank goodness Annie did not drown!

I also got an e-mail from  a good friend today that really made me *laugh out loud* !   She can't find her Christmas Tree, she can't find it in her house.  I mean a full size tree is large,  can you imagine?  I told her I was going to blog her, she said OH NO!  I promised I would not mention her name...

Thank you for stopping by and visiting, I'll leave the light on for you.... Jane

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  1. Awwwwww, poor Annie! I'm glad she's okay!!

    I love this decoration/'s gorgeous...I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Jane visiting with your family : )


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