Monday, September 14, 2009

*** Hurry BLOG CANDY ENDS SHORTLY, September 15th at Midnight ***

     Sweetening the blog Candy

My dear dear fellow blogger and avid and incredible card making friend said "Sweeten the Pot" with your blog candy and do I always listen to her, no - but I probably should!!

So, me being me added another layer to that. IF/When I reach 110 followers I will add this onto the winners of the boy and girl blog candy. SO in addition to the current blog candy posted if I reach 110 visible followers you will get the side that either says boy or girl depending on which one(s) you win. Make sense? I labeled the sides so one says boy and one says girl. I get to keep my green ruler, I have come to like that alot and really miss it when I can't find it, can you say PANIC?

Please do not comment under this one, continue to apply/comment under the orginal posts for the boy and girl candy - just wanted to show you the bonus:

Each has an additional stamp, paper pad, package of ribbon, the same pre-stamped images, a tag either a boy or a girl tag, and two stickers. WOW so go and spread the word, I think we can get there from here, don't you? ~~~ Jane


  1. I KNOW, is that not COOL, I am so excited - It is now at 111. !!! I hope that I can continue to keep my followers interested, I'll have to come up with some exciting cards and stories!!! Thanks for joining me Lin.


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