Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Big Family Event:. My sister's Birthday

I promised to show you these photos regarding my older sisters birthday so I am going to do that today.  My plans for today was to work outside and start putting my Garden to bed BUT it is raining like crazy outside right now and as you know I have two cats and they are freakin' with all the noise and sticking very close to Mommy, which is 'ME'.  So I am a little throw off my plans, I wanted to get started before hubby joined me tomorrow to get some of the prep work done, it is just better that way and runs smoother.  For example, he had already shut off the water outside and had someone come out and blow out our water irrigation system, I was not ready for that!!   I like to wash off my yard things before storing away.  Luckily, I have a neighbor that is a wonderful lady and she is letting me hook up to her water.  SO, you are getting the idea.  OK, back to THIS story.  My sister celebrated a milestone birthday in August and she wanted a sit down dinner for 75 guests using Vintage table clothes, real flatware, china, linen napkins, water glasses and so on...  Open bar with Wine, beer everything but hard liquor, a DJ, lighting ... So that should be easy right???  OMG OMG... I can't tell you ... I think I am now OK.  I am going to start with the photos now.


Inside her house, setting all the bowls, glasses, bread baskets, et.....


Seeing double??  Nope, these two are identical twins, my nieces.

It started with the outside getting decorated, my brother and two sisters working on that and my Mom already resting!  I was inside with my other sister, preparing the food, more on that later.  Trust me, being inside was the place to be, you do NOT want to get caught up in my older sisters debates!!  Chopping and dicing, and slicing inside is the place to be.   I will tell you the menu, not that I got much time to eat but either did my other siblings.  If course we refused the Birthday girls help after her first guest arrived, it is HER DAY.    The menu as a red pasta, a white pasta, dipping oils and breads and a mixed garden salad for each table.   SO exactly HOW many dishes does all this equal  **** Plenty  **** .  Dessert was baby cheese cakes and a flat sheet cake.  I took a picture of the little cakes and I did manage to snag a few of those before they were gone.  The DJ started at 7 - 11pm and after that we served sandwiches and chips.  Us sibs served the guests, refilling water pitches, bread baskets, passing out cake,cleaning off some tables for some late arriving guests.  Can you believe I said  "Please come this way, I have a table cleared for you?'

So, no photos of the dancing on the blog or the fireworks after the DJ or the overflowing of wine and beer bottles.  I slept over and got up early to start the cleanup and washed over 2 dozen serving bowls before everyone else woke up or came back to help with the clean-up,  Was is worth all that work?  Well, we are still dividing up who owes what dishes (a few strays with no owners)  but my sister had the best of times and her guests were treated like royality so ~~~ yes is was.   Needless to say we are never doing that again, I have been told since I am the youngest, to start looking for catering services.
Hope you enjoyed our family's adventure.   Happy Birthday my dear sister, Donna.  Love you but never again.   Have the best of days ~~~ Warmly, Jane


  1. WOW!!!!! It looks like a wedding! Must have been some celebration. Looks like so much fun. You are a great sister, I am sure of that. I think those siblings of yours owe you something in return for all that hard work, so when it is your caterer for you. Let them do the work ;) Thanks for sharing all those pics with us. Wish I were there to have some of the fun.

  2. This DOES look like it was a wedding. :) It looks like it was a wonderful time! We will be doing a party like this next May for my Mother_in-law and Father-in-law's 50th wedding anniversary. I may need to get some tips from you as the time gets closer. :)

  3. Beautifully decorated...looks like everyone had a good time!


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