Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lazy 'Dazes' and Sundays

Hello, Today it is a bit cooler and I don't know what I think about that, nice still but I feel winter is going to be settling in soon and in Minnesota, always a cold one but also a slower time of the year where you are in the house more and getting cozy and doing inside things.  Since today was a lazy day, my daughter and I went out and did some shopping and since my daughter is in a wheelchair it is somewhat time consuming getting in and out of the vehicle and YiPPee, I can't even drive my little sports car, I get to drive this black honken  SUV.  I am sorry Peter, you know I love you and count on you and you never let me down (the SUV's name) I name them all, he is very nice but not like my Mable, not like my Mable.  Okay, I am chatty today, hubby watching the game, don't be bugging him!  So where was I, oh yes, some of my favorite things ~  we went shopping and we first went to Archiver's and got my paper fix and a sheet of embellishments, you will see that in use later on some cards I will showcase in the future but is that not nice?   Then off to Target, I decided I need a good read, that is my second favorite thing to do is read,  I have not read this Author before so I thought I would give it a try, it sounded very interesting!  Megan is none too happy waiting for me to pick out a book nor was she very happy waiting for me to pick out some papers but on to the next item is the cookie dough, well she was ok with that!   Okay, I have to say, anything that I have to turn the oven on for is 'homemade' at our house.  I used to buy Toll House but with those issues of their tainted dough I switched brands and I really think that Pillsbury is actually better than Toll House.  Then you see my Tea set, so now you now know some of my favorite vices.      

                Shhhh, the Game on the TV, the Vikings are playing today.  Now if I was a better blogger I would know how to get rid of the Signature up above but I am too far into my post to start over now so sorry about that.

We did get several loads of laundry done before our shopping trip.  Actually I sorted the clothes and Hubby washed them while I was getting breakfast ready for Megan and getting her dressed for the day, Megan needs alot of help.  Of course hubby still struggles with who's clothes are who's, doesn't matter you wore those clothes just yesterday because he still puts them in the wrong bedroom, like he can't remember what you looked like yesterday!!

I hope you have had a good weekend, I did two of those blog hops earlier and finished a few challenge cards to be posted later but whatever you did, I hope you enjoyed it ~~~~  Now what to do next.   READ, MAKE CARDS or MAKE those COOKIES?       Blessings Jane    (Now where is that Signature?)


  1. Jane, you crack me should write a book! It looks like you were set to enjoy your day with a good book, some delicious cookies and that "very English looking" tea set!I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  2. Hey, at least you have a signature. :) I don't have a clue how to do that. Sounds like you had a nice Sunday. Happy Fall!


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