Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mini Circular Photos

Hello everyone, a very busy day at my house, up and got daughter off and then me off to the Gym, I got my strenghtening in but blew off my Cardio hoping to get a long walk in but that did not happen. Anyways Craft store, the Pharmacy, the Grocery store and the to start my project and my cooking. I have to warn you, I am in a very chatty mood tonight, so expect some long winded-ness, it that a word? I'm using it any ways. Above is a photo of my sister, actually both are my sisters but this is about the one without her head cut off. I am not born yet so can't show you that. She is celebrating a milestone birthday on Saturday and she has got us all working. I am making a dozen of these mini-pictures to as a surprise to decorate her party with, I actually have 6 different photos or two of each one. I thought, silly me that it would not take that long but I clocked it and between watching the stove and hunting for the items my cat stole - 4 hours!! I know...and I know you must know too as to where does my time go?

This is the not so fun stuff you gotta use, my Beacon 3 and 1 glue that a dear craft friend recommended to me and my circle cutting system by Creative Memories, it is a very old system but it serves me well. I also used this chipboard for the backing of the photos. You can see my black cat Joey (Joey is a girl) already starting to steal my stuff and yes, she did run off with the green circle cutter.

The funner stuff here, (is funner a word?) I got those photos printed at the photo shop and then my craft store purchase which is some green paper, (her colors of her party, I didn't just make ALL this stuff up, you know!) dollies, green and off-white ribbon and some 'brides' embossed paper flowers, they actually say they are confetti but I have always liked them a lot and so I picked them up. The only thing is you get a TON of them - all in the same color and I wish that they would sell them in a multi colored pack as they have other colors. I really like the container too, can you say ** altered ** container project. These pictures here show my three older sisters, each treasures in their own right.

They are going to look something like this, I still need to add my ribbons and I decided to add some of my dew drops as the flower centers, I have alot of different colors of those so I am off to get these from my craft room, Joey is going to love these.

There is my helper, she HAS to be sitting on my chip board. I do have two cats but Charlie is sleeping and she is not as nosey as Joey is. I am actually working on the kitchen table to watch my stove as I am preparing my assigned items. I don't get to decide what I am doing, my sister is telling me what to do and HOW to do it so since it is all about her I am doing it her way. AND really my craft room is WAY to messy to actually work in there anyways and that is on my things to-do list. Can you believe my husband came home while the dishes were stacking up and me crafting and he YES, washed ALL the dishes for me. I think we finished at the same time, it worked for me!

This is one of the end projects and it is sideways, But I think I got the top of this blog post picture right. Yes, my sister has huge brown eyes. SO happy birthday my dear sister. Stay tuned, I will be toting my camera to her Par-tee - expect to see linen, and china and wine and song. I hope I have not bored you to death, LOL but another early and full day tomorrow and then a sit down dinner for 75 and a day/night of fun on Saturday, an overnighter and then clean-up (I can only imagine).


  1. Well aren't these just darling Jane! Thanks for the tutorial, and by the way...I love your little helper! Makes me miss my Oreo, as he too was so nosy and had to be into everything I had laid out...too funny!

  2. You are one busy little bee this weekend Jane. :) Hope its as much fun as it sounds like its going to be. :) Michelle

  3. Wow, alot of work there, and you have the cutest little helper ever!! I hope your sister appreciates all the time and work you put in to make her day special. Hope you have fun, and looking forward to seeing the pictures.

  4. Jane, you cracked me up with your dialogue with this tutorial! Lovely idea for the pretty photo circles, they turned out great. I wish you and your family a wonderful time for your sisters special celebration!


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